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ShelterZoom was founded in 2017 by Allen Alishahi and Chao Cheng-Shorland who wanted to bring real estate transactions up to the level that consumers of today expect. We have since created the world’s first tokenized, industry-agnostic digital contract platform to advance deal, contract and transaction management in the online space. As first-movers in the space we have had the privilege of claiming vital patents, extensive press coverage, and the ability to capitalize on the momentum of our initial product.
The Future of Contracts and Documents
ShelterZoom with it's launch of DocuWalk had made the first great stride in developing it's decentralized, intelligent and interoperable records, agreements, and contracts with its patent-pending, technology called Contract of Things™ (CoT)™. As a result, both the business and consumers will enjoy tremendously improved auditability, efficiency, accuracy, security, and trust.

CoT™ not only enables the execution and management of individual contracts and agreements, it also allows for them to become infinitely interconnected and interoperable across the entire network. ShelterZoom leverages its patent-pending Mithra Contract technology, a new type of smart contract, to overcome major limitations presented in traditional contracts by fully digitizing all elements of a contract, DocuWalk further tokenizes contracts to enable transferability, traceability, tradability and portability. CoT opens a potential to redefine a new era of business relationships, transactions, and marketplaces.
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